Gamer Creatively Proposes to His Girlfriend Using the Super Mario Game on Wii U!

We've seen many creative and thoughtful wedding proposals on the internet that sent butterflies in our stomachs, but this one is definitely worth a mention. Shane Birkinbine decided to bring his A-game when it comes to his fiancée's wedding proposal, and he definitely brought this one in the bag!

Birkinbine posted a video proposal to his girlfriend Pam and in the video, it can be seen that his girlfriend is playing the Super Mario on Wii when suddenly words popped out on the screen, saying “Pam, will you marry me?” in blocks.

Gamers can create levels in the Super Mario Bros. World thanks to the Super Mario Maker on Wii U, and that was Shane's ticket to create his unique wedding proposal that captured the hearts of many people, especially his girlfriend.

Shane then took to Facebook to announce that his girlfriend said yes, saying “She said yes!!! I’m so blessed to have met Pam who has the kindest heart for people. She’s been so patient and shown me what love truly is. Sometimes we meet that person later in life.”

Meanwhile, Shane also uploaded a photo of the engagement ring, sitting atop of a Super Mushroom to put the cherry on top. And that, is how you make an epic wedding proposal!

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CREDITS: When In Manila

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