Apl.de.Ap Manifestly Shows His Filipino Identity by Riding a Jeepney along the Streets of New York

Last Sunday, Apl.de.Ap, an international half-Filipino rapper, brought jeepney along the streets of New York, made everyone incredibly stunned. Wearing barong-tagalog and while playing “Bebot,” a rap composed originally by him, he raised a Philippine flag waving to everyone in the street.

Jeepney has long been the iconic figure of being a Filipino. With its colourful design and Filipino names all around it, it made an authentic Filipino character to everyone that sees it. Now, this Filipino-American rapper makes every Filipino proud.
The said jeepney was first seen during the Philippine Independence Day Parade in New York where Apl.de.Ap was one of the performers.

CREDITS: PhilippinesReports

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