Here are 5 Disturbing Predictions of Nostradamus for the Future!

Another prediction has been made by Michael Nostradamus, offering an insight to the future ahead of humanity. Will his foresight come true? Or will it be forever a prediction? Only time will tell.

Here are his 5 predictions that are bound to reshape the future for everyone here on Earth.

5. People will rise from the dead - One of his predictions indicated that dead people will rise quickly, much like the spread of the Ebola virus. This seems quite impossible, but who knows what the future holds. Like the prophecy in the Bible that upon Jesus Christ's return, all dead people will be brought back to life.4. Communicating with animals - Will we see a future wherein we can speak and communicate with animals? Technology would surely play a role as Japan already received an award for their devices that can transcribe dog barks.

3. The rise of the third Anti-Christ - Nostradamus predicts that many Anti-Christ groups will usher in the future, with many being atheists, agnostics or even Illuminati.

2. Nuclear bombing - He also foresees that terrorist and rebel attacks would be prominent, with nuclear bomb attacks being a primary threat to humanity.

1. Research that could cause impending doom - Nostradamus predicts that humans will put time and effort into extensive research in order to obtain such power that cannot be controlled. This could result in humanity's doom.

Only time will tell if these bold predictions will ever come true. While some may be realistic, others are downright absurd. Watch the video and see it for yourself!
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