Kuya Jobert Pranks Jessy Mendiola and Makes Her Cry!

Kuya Jobert's always full of surprises, so when he prepared a surprise for his Banana Sundae family, everyone was caught off-guard!

Known for his hilarious pranks and jest videos, Kuya Jobert did it again with this prank. While his fellow Banana Sundae casts were surprised, unfortunately one particular celebrity didn't have a laugh but instead cried!

What he did was out of the ordinary for his pranks. While most jokes make people's stomachs ache and cry with laughter, the opposite happened when he apparently took the prank way too far.

Jessy Mendiola was a victim of the prank, but instead of bursting with laughter, she shed tears instead while making her very nervous! Kuya Jobert expected everyone to have a laugh, but little did he know that he made Jessy cry!
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