Rochelle Pangilinan Responds to Maine Mendoza's Alleged Old Tweet About Sex Bomb Dancers!

Rochelle Pangilinan reacted to an old tweet by Maine Mendoza (@mainedcm) which the said tweet was about Maine taking a shot at the long-running afternoon soap opera ng SexBomb dancers in which Rochelle was apart of before and that is Daisy Siete.

It can be noted that the tweet dated back to March 14, 2010 wherein Maine called the show 'nakakatawa', 'jologs' and 'yuck', taking a shot at the all-female dance group that rose to fame in Eat Bulaga last 1999.


The show Daisy Siete began airing on GMA Network in 2003 up until 2010 which lasted for about 26 seasons.In Rochelle's first tweet, she said that she doesn't believe that Maine was actually the one who tweeted and said that her account was probably hacked.


But Maine's tweet can't be viewed and replied because the one who shared the tweet had a private account.

On two consecutive tweets, she said that if ever the tweets were indeed real, she wouldn't really mind it.


Netizens also had numerous reactions about the tweet of Maine Mendoza. Check out their reactions with the series of tweets right down below!

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