These 30 Qualities of a Perfect Girlfriend Will Definitely Turn Guys On!

There are different qualities each of us men seek in finding the perfect partner. Different tastes with different preferences, the list for the qualities our ideal girl must possess goes on and on.

In reality, there is no such thing as having a perfect girlfriend. But in a world where our ideals and desires exist, here are 30 qualities of a perfect girlfriend that will surely make us guys happy.

So for the girls out there, take time to read this. You never know if you have any of these qualities. Check them out!

1. Cute nerd
For some guys, nerdy is the new sexy. Who doesn't love cute girls with the brains to match their looks right?

2. Surprises you with gifts
Nothing is more adorable and lovable than a girl who keeps you guessing on your feet with gifts. You'll never know what's in store with this girl! Makes things much more exciting.

3. Simple goddess
When a girl looks mighty fine without wearing any make-up on, it turn the hell on outta guys. She's just a masterpiece, a fine work of art.

4. Matchy matchy
Girls who love to wear clothes that match with their guy is a major plus! Don't you just love it when she flaunts your name on the back of her jersey?

5. Plays video games
Now this one is definitely a huge turn on. Girls who play your favorite video games are keepers! She'll make you give up on the game entirely and play with her instead.
SEE PAGE 2 BELOW TO CONTINUE...6. Plays soccer
Watching soccer games with her is more fun, but watching her take the playing field is another story! She's definitely a goal keeper.

7. Delivery girl
Don't you just love the idea that she can bring you your favorite food or pizza anytime? Yes, we do.

8. Relationship goals
Girls who love the idea of having relationship goals are certainly attractive! Who doesn't want to let the world know that you have an awesome relationship with her, right?

9. Dresses anything comfortably
It doesn't matter if it's her favorite blouse or your extra large t-shirt, she wears it without hesitation. Sometimes she intends to make you drool, which is always a plus!

10. Will purchase the newest video games
When you get home and she holds a brand new Fallout 4 CD, marry her. She knows your stuff, so don't let her slip away!
11. Thoughtful girlfriend
She does the little things to remind you how she loves you. And that scores major points on a guy's book!

12. Prepares your lunch
She will gladly pack your lunchbox while leaving a message to go along with it. Simply adorable!

13. Unexpected photos
Who doesn't love a girl who sends naughty pictures just to turn you up? Most guys do!

14. Surprising messages
She leaves messages all over things, often letting you know how she thinks about you. How sweet!

15. Pulls pranks on you
Nothing better than a girl who's wiser and more fun than you are. And when she pulls a prank on you, you're guaranteed to want revenge in a sweet way!
16. Complaining the time for text message replies
"Why haven't you responded to my texts?!" Oops, sorry. Just shaving my legs.

17. Dirty talk at the most unexpected moments
She just goes all out dirty and nasty with you by surprise. Talk about a bad girl!

18. She doesn't flood you with too many texts
She's all over your phone. Every. Single. Minute. Absolutely cute!

19. Having a girl who responds to your jokes in the naughtiest of ways
She just goes naughty on you each time you try to crack her up.

20. You can pull a prank on her anytime and she won't get mad
Instead of getting angry, she'll make sure to get her revenge!
21. A woman who can drive
When you're feeling tired, you can let her take the wheel and comfortably know you won't end up on the other side of the road.

22. A smart girl who understands you
Intelligence is a huge bonus, especially when she understands what you're saying.

23. Always has something to say
Great! You now have a walking radio that won't bore the hell out of you.

24. Loves to go workout and exercise
Admit it, girls in gym clothes are smoking hot. Especially if she's your girlfriend!

25. Hangs out with her own circle of friends
This lets you know she has a life of her own and that you have a life of your own with your friends as well.
26. She loves herself entirely
This is definitely atop the list. She loves herself just as much as she loves you. And that is a good sign of a strong, independent woman.

27. Doesn't let you pay the bills every time
She doesn't like the fact that you always get to spend for her. She makes sure to check back on you and remind you she likes to repay you as much as she can.

28. Smells good
The scent of her hair, her clothes, everything just smells good you'll be looking for her every single time!

29. Is not afraid to ask you out on a date
She has the initiative because she wants to spend time with you and be with you.

30. Lastly, a woman who will love you for who you are
This one is the cream of the crop. When she accepts and loves you for the man that you are, don't let her go. She's the queen among the princesses.

These simple qualities definitely turn guys on. But whatever your qualities are, be proud! Be the best version of you you can possible be, and you'll definitely attract the right person in your life!

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