This Amazing Ingredient Helps to Permanently Remove Tartar!

Plaque from your teeth is the result of bacteria build-up due to improper hygiene practices and infrequent brushing.

Irregular brushing habits lead to tartar build-up and plaque which can stain your teeth. Also a poor diet selection and too much consumption of sweets may lead you to visit a dentist more often.

When tartar is ignored, it forms into a solidified plaque that could be very difficult to remove that may result in swollen gums and bleeding. It's very important to take care of your teeth to avoid this altogether.

When your teeth is free of plaque, it reduces your chances of having tooth decay and gum diseases. Practicing a good oral hygiene is especially important.

To do so, you can try this effective home remedy in treating plaque and that is using baking soda. A very effective yet inexpensive option for treating plaque, it's all-natural and safe to use.

Making a baking soda toothpaste is easy. You just need to place a small amount of baking soda in a bowl and wet your toothbrush to polish your teeth and make it whiter.

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