This is the Reason Why There's a Small Hole in Between Your Phone'sCamera and Flash!

Perhaps you've noticed it and you've wondered, what's the small little hole in between the camera and the flash of your iPhone? Does it serve a purpose? What's it for? Well if you're interested in finding out, then read on!

As much as we love to be called techies when it comes to our devices, we sometimes don't know much about the hidden features of our phones.

So, what do you think that small hole is for? One guy on Reddit thought it was a reset button for the iPhone. He decided to poke it to see what happens. And you know what he did?

He actually poked the mic of the phone. Yes, that little hole is actually a microphone. Surprised? It's called a noise-cancelling microphone.This basically functions as a secondary mic that eliminates background noises so you can hear things crystal clear. It also helps Siri recognize your voice better.

Basically your iPhone has three microphones and the tiny black dot at the back is your phone's noise-cancelling mic.

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