10 Different Kinds of Feet That Tell a Lot About Who You Are. Take a Look!

Much like palmistry, looking at your feet and its characteristics can tell a lot about who you are and what your personality is. Interestingly enough, there are many different types of feet, and looking at these 10 different ones will tell your own unique set of attributes.

So without further ado, let's take a look at the 10 different types of feet and what they tell about your personality!

1. The Roman Foot

The most common type of foot, people who have this are very sociable and outgoing. They are charismatic as well and make good public speakers.

2. The Square Foot

People with this kind of foot are generally calm and cool, especially when making decisions. They tend to be practical, so they are almost always reliable.

3. The Greek Foot

Individuals who have this kind of foot are motivating and enthusiastic people. Commonly seen on sports athletes and artists as well as public speakers.

4. The Stretched Foot

Privacy is one of the things people with this kind of foot value in their life. They are also prone to having sudden mood swings and can be very secretive.

5. Can't separate the little toe

People who are unable to separate their little toes tend to be more reliable and loyal which makes them awesome companions.

6. Able to separate the little toe

These people are easily bored, so they need to be active and should seek a drastic change in their lives. They mostly have fallen in a routine which can be easily addressed.

7. Little toe on the side of the foot

Individuals who have a foot type like this tend to be rebellious and unconventional when it comes to their ways.

8. Gap between the second and third toe

These people have control over their feelings and can separate their emotions each day. They can easily detach from any emotions as long as they want to.

9. Tilted third toe

People who have this foot type are planners for the future. They are well-prepared and usually very organized and is always in control of situations in their lives.

10. A narrow base on the second toe

They tend to dwell on things and can blow out situations out of proportion in their minds. But they can be influential when they are happy and can spread the joy with the people they are around with.

Have you found out what foot type you have and what set of attributes you possess? Let us know what it is by writing your comments down below!

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