LED Streetlights Are Being Favored to Use in Roads, But Might Hurt You. Here's Why!

Night lights and city skylines. The beauty of it all is definitely mesmerizing. Without it, roads would be dark and without life. Technology has come a long way that allows us to cut costs and increase safety in the roads.

Surprisingly, the new lights come with some hazards. And it's LED lighting!

LED lighting is more efficient and allows cities to cut costs down and conserve considerable amounts of power and maintenance. This also allows for better vision at night for both drivers and people.

It's gonna be way different from the lights we currently have that barely light up the roads and offer yellowish-tints. LED lights provide a cooler light to the eyes, but! There's a catch..

The new bright LED lights are believed to cause glare and hurt eyes, because at certain color temperatures (CT) lights can damage the eyes. THE AMA recommends that these lights should not exceed a CT above 3000 Kelvin.

To compare, an incandescent bulb emits around 2400K. LED lights installed in countries have about 4000K and contain blue wavelengths that scatter when it hits the human eye.

This can lead to damage in the retina. There are advantages and disadvantages to using LED lighting, and the AMA recommends that use the lowest possible LED lights with the lowest emission of blue light to illuminate the roads at a suitable level for the eyes.

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