LOOK! This Woman Comes Up With a Brilliant Way to Water Your Plants at Home!

Do you have plants indoors that beautifully decorate your home? Sure looks good doesn't it? But how often do you water these delicate ornaments? Not always right? Maybe sometimes you even forget it.

Well this amazing discovery by the AZ Plant Lady will forever change how you water your precious plants by using something you probably see lying around most of the time.

And that's wine bottles! This amazing trick helps to water your plants whenever you're out and about. You'll never imagine how time-saving this really is. Water your plants as usual, then grab an empty wine bottle. Fill the bottle with water, then plant the bottle in the soil. Be sure to plant it 2 inches deep so that it doesn't fall over.

Image credit: AZ Plant Lady

If the opening of the bottle is too big for a small pot, you can put the cap of the bottle back in and poke some holes at the cap so that water can flow through. You can now plant the bottle with the cap in the soil of the pot.

For some added touch, you can also get creative by designing your bottles with acrylic paint! These add some flare to your plants and makes it more attractive to look at just like this one from Linda's Yard Art!

 Image credit: Linda's Yard Art

What's amazing about this trick is that there is no stagnant water in the pots, so there's no room for mosquitoes and other bugs from laying their eggs.

Make sure to give these a try during your vacation trip or if you're simply too lazy to water your plants. You'll be amazed as the results!

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