Parents! Never Post These 8 Kinds of Photos of Your Kids on Social Media. Check it Out!

Parents are always proud to share photos and images of their little toddlers on social media. Who doesn't want to show off how amazing and beautiful their little angels are, right? But not all photos should be shared on social media and for various reasons.

While most of us would love to highlight our little angels on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc., here are some of the obvious reasons not to share or post on social media. Check it out!

#1. Bathing time
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Your child without clothes may not be so adorable in the sight of most people's eyes. These could be used for malicious purposes like child porn or pedophiles, so don't upload photos of your toddler naked.

#2. When they are sick or injured
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Why would you share to the world that your little angel is sick anyway? No sympathy is given by people on the internet, so don't do it.

#3. Photos that shame children
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There is no amount of justice done to children being shamed online and on social media. This can have negative effects on them and may develop traumatic feelings and experiences, not to mention anxiety.

#4. Children on the toilet

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Potty photos should be kept private at all times. You as an adult don't want to share photos while you're on the toilet do you? The same goes for children.

#5. Private and confidential information

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Photos of images of children that contain valuable information should never be shared on social media in any way or form as this information may be illegally misused by unscrupulous individuals with vile intentions.

#6. Group pictures
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While it may not seem to be a big deal, parents should ask permission first from the parents of the children in the photo before uploading it on social media. It's more appropriate that way.

#7. Photos that make seem kids get bullied online
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It is never a good idea to upload or share photos of kids on social media that may lead them to getting bullied in any way or form. Photos that appear to shame children or make them vulnerable to bullying should never make its way online.

#8. Photos of kids in dangerous situations

The photos may seem harmless at first, but once people recognize the dangers involved, it's not such a good photo now is it? This may also open parents up for criticism online in the eyes of many people who will see the photo and find it questionable.

The next time you upload photos online about your little toddlers, make sure they are not listed in the 8 images like here below.

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