She Was Considered The Largest Woman in the World. But After Losing 800lbs? She Shocked Everyone With Her Transformation!

Weighing in at a staggering 1,036 lbs. (about 470 kg.), without a doubt she was considered as the largest woman in the world. Due to her massive weight, she was often called the 'giant killer'. Mayra Rosales was a humongous human being for a woman, but after her shocking transformation, she left the whole world stunned in disbelief!

Because of her condition, she was the subject of much criticism after reportedly killing her nephew. She confessed that she accidentally fallen on the little boy and she could not move her body, hence suffocating the toddler to death. But investigations have revealed that it was her sister whom is the child's mother that was the real killer.

But she is a changed woman now, far from the morbidly obese woman she used to be. 

Mayra was so large and heavy, she could barely walk!
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She was always often restricted by her huge mass.
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Because of her weight, she was called the 'giant killer'.
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Indeed she was a pretty but gigantic human!
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But Mayra was driven to change her life forever, and was motivated to lose weight more than anyone could in their lifetime! Incredibly, she lost about 800 lbs.! (362 kg.) and truly shocked the whole world.

But her surprising transformation shocked many! Take a look!
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She's stunningly beautiful, far from what she used to look!
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Her story was indeed inspiring, just look at her beautiful face now!

Mayra's weight loss story was a source of inspiration and motivation for many people who found themselves in the same boat. She has given light and hope to those who are willing to change their lives for the better and she is a living testament of that.

What an amazing story! What are your thoughts about Mayra's transformation? Let us know by writing them down in the comments section!

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