The Secret Behind the Levitating Trick Revealed! Check This Out!

Maybe you've come across some street performers seemingly defying the laws of gravity and physics by appearing to levitate off the ground. These magicians blow away the minds of bystanders, and many people have started to wonder how do they do it.

Indeed it is amazing to see the trick being performed in the streets that would boggle almost everyone they come across. Although it may seem impossible at first glance, there is a secret to this amazing trick.

This unbelievable trick is a variation of the human statue wherein they use a staff in order to float and make them appear as if they are in a deep, meditating state that allows them to defy the laws of physics. They can be seen clothed in Indian or Middle Eastern attires wearing turbans, face masks, and bright-colored draping clothes.

When you find out how this trick is performed, you won't believe how simple it really is! They carefully use a number of pieces hidden from sight due to their draping clothes. This makes them appear levitating when in fact the hidden pieces allow them to support themselves.

There is a device that allow these street performers to appear to be levitating, and it's hidden from the viewer's plain sight deceptively. It's made up of three components, which are the:

1. The seat
2. The shaft, which extends up from the platform (and appears as a staff), into the sleeve of the performer, then down to the seat.
3. The platform, which is covered by some kind of rag or blanket (as shown in the picture), while the shaft and seat are covered by the baggy clothing of the performer.

Image credit: RelativelyInteresting

Make sure to check out the video right down below to further understand how this simple trick works!

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