These are the First Symptoms of Lung Cancer You Should Be Aware Of!

One of the most dangerous cancers found in men is lung cancer, and is one of the leading causes of death globally.

Lung cancer can be prevented if the signs and symptoms are detected early. It is important to know what the symptoms of lung cancer are to cure it immediately as soon as it appears.

Here are the common warning signs of having the disease. Check them out below!

Usually the first symptom that appears when a person has lung cancer is constant fatigue. The individual always feels tired and does't go away very quickly. If you find yourself constantly feeling tired, make sure to see a doctor immediately.

Pain located in the chest, shoulders, back and abdomen
Chronic chest pain that is felt in the chest are common indicators of heart attack and lung cancer as well. If you also experience pain in your shoulders, back and abdomen, see your physician for further analysis and evaluation as it can be caused by lung cancer.

Constant sickness
Your immune system is weakened when you have lung cancer so you are more prone and vulnerable to sickness and colds.

Muscle weakening
Another sign of having lung cancer is weakness of the muscles. This is caused by harmful substances traveling through the body. Sudden weight loss and loss of appetite
When your weight suddenly shifts without proper reason, consult your doctor immediately. Lung cancer also affects an individual's appetite, so if you don't feel the need to eat, it can be caused by lung cancer as well.

Abnormal growth of breast in men
This can be seen in men where the area around the nipple increases in size. This is caused by the growth of the lung tumor, releasing different hormones and other substances which leads to breast growth.

Shortness of breath
Wheezing or experiencing shortness of breath is a sign of lung cancer that should never be ignored. If you have dry coughs and are feeling an increased release of saliva, see your doctor immediately.

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