This Courageous Doberman Dog Died Fighting Four Cobras to Protect His Owner's Family. Shocking!

Not all superheroes wear capes to save the day. Sometimes, it's a loyal, courageous life partner also known as man's best friend. This courageous Doberman saved the day by protecting his owner's family from the four vicious cobras lingering in their homes, and the dog fought valiantly until the end.

It all happened in the village of Sebekapur under the Raygada Block of the Gajapati District in Odisha, India. The dog saw the snakes crawling and from there decided to attack it.

Dobermans make excellent guard dogs.

They are protective and are willing to do anything to shield their owners from harm. As soon as the dog saw the vicious reptiles, he engaged them. Even after being bitten many times, the dog wouldn't hold back and killed the snakes one by one. The noble dog saved the day, but in the end could not make it out alive from the venomous bites he suffered during the fight.

The thought of venomous reptiles crawling your home is indeed scary. But the family did not need to fear for their brave, loyal dog came to the rescue.

The owner of the dog Dibakar Raita was stricken with grief after knowing that his faithful life companion died. Due to the dog's heroic acts, the Doberman was recognized in the whole Gajapati District and hundreds of people payed respects to the noble dog and brought flowers.

The family was very lucky to have such a loyal and courageous dog. His life will forever be remembered in the hearts of many people.

Watch how a Doberman dog fights cobras in this video right down below! (Not the dog who died)

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                          Watch how a Doberman battles a big snake (not the dog who died)
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