This is The Purpose of the Holes on The Side of Your Chuck Taylors.Take a Look!

Nothing beats a shiny new pair of shoes, Let's face it, a spiffy spanking brand new pair of shoes grabs the attention of people and turns their heads. Despite having owned multiple pairs of sneakers, there's one thing most people can't figure out.

What are the holes on the sides of your sneakers for? What is it used for? Let's be honest, almost everyone has no clue what their purpose is.

Taking a closer look at your sneakers, do you see holes at the side of them?

We're talking about the two holes on the sides of the shoes. You've probably seen them before. And surely, they've got you wondering.

Almost everyone doesn't use these holes on the side of their shoes. So, what is it's intended purpose really?

The whole point of the two side holes are to tighten your sneakers up and help it secure on your feet.

Most people think it's for air circulation, but now you know. Maybe you should try lacing them up to see how it works yourself!

Take a look at this video right down below and see how it works!

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