This is the Reason Why Airplane Windows Are Round. Read On to Find Out!

As you take flight aboard a plane, you're mesmerized by the stunning view through the lens of the plane window as it ascends high in the skies. While looking at the fluffy clouds and the silky blue hue of the sky, you start to wonder. Why are the windows on planes round?

Perhaps you've pondered the thought. Or maybe you haven't really noticed. Well, there's a reason behind all this. And it's not just about looks or aesthetics. Commercial travel became popular in the early 20th century, and airplanes began to fly at higher altitudes to save money with the reason being that higher altitude means lower density.

Because of this, air drag is also lessened, leading to lower stress for the plane. The cabin however, has to be pressurized in order for the passengers to survive.

To support the internal pressure, planes started using cyclindrical-shaped windows instead of square ones. Because pressure builds around the corners of square windows, they were susceptible to cracks. Circular windows however, resolved this issue and since then, airplane designers started making the windows of planes round for the overall safety of the plane and its passengers.

Watch this video right down below to get a better idea on why airplane windows come in a round, circular shape!

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