This YouTuber Proves That We've Been Eating Burgers The Wrong Way Our Entire Lives. Find Out Why!

Everyone loves 'em. Ah yes, the good 'ol classic burger. Juicy, tender and oh-so-delicious. Nothing beats a quality sandwich when you're hungry. And while not exactly one of the healthiest food choices, it's one of the most consumed foods by many people and for good reason.

It's just very satisfying to have a good bite out of that special bun everyone has grown to love for as long as they can remember. The juicy patty, cheese, vegetables and sauce sandwiched together in a bun has become an instant favorite.

And while we may have been eating burgers for a very long time, it appears that many of us have been eating it the wrong way. Wait a minute, is there a right way to eat a burger? Well YouTuber Grant Thompson definitely thinks so.

He claims that we've been eating burgers the wrong way all our lives.
Image credit: Grant Thompson / YouTube

 He explains in a YouTube video of how to properly take a bite off of your favorite burger so you can better indulge in all its delicious glory without getting too messy.

According to the "King of Random", eating a burger upside down reduces the mess when taking a bite out of your burger.
 Image credit: Grant Thompson / YouTube

Thompson claims that to properly enjoy your burger, you should eat it upside-down. The reason being is that the bottom bun tends to be much thinner than the top one. Doing so will make the burger less soggy after you take a bite, leaving out all the mess as you enjoy your favorite snack.

Watch this simple burger hack below!

So the next time you eat a hamburger, don't forget to turn it upside-down and give this tip a try! Let us know what you think about the whole post by writing your comments below!

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