WATCH! This Marine Shows You a Handy Survival Trick to Save Yourself When You're Drowning!

One of the important survival skills an individual must possess is the ability to swim on open waters. And we all know for a fact that not all people can swim. And even if you can swim, during dire times when you're in need of help, it can be quite challenging to combat the waters while you wait for assistance.

A life vest would certainly come in handy. But what if you have no life vest? Well, Mike the Marine has a solution! This clever and neat trick featured in This Blew My Mind shows Mike doing a DIY life vest made out of pants. Yes, that's right. Your pair of jeans might even save your life someday.

At first the idea may sound quite impossible, but in the video Mike was able to create a life vest with just a few easy steps that certainly everyone can make.

Take a look at the video right down below to see how it works!

Now you know how to create a life vest that may actually save your life in times of drowning. Do not fear the open waters, your pants got your back. Feel free to give the post a share and let us know what you think by leaving your comments!

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