Your Shoelaces Will Never Be The Same Without Aglets. And Here's Why!

Ever wonder what those tiny little plastics wrapped around at the end of your shoelaces are? They are called aglets. And they are there for a reason. When you find out what it is, you'll know that your shoelaces will never be the same without them!

Having a good pair of shoes is great for your feet.

They look good and enhance your looks too.

You'll eventually decide on replacing the shoe or the shoelace.

This happens when the shoelaces start fraying and they don't look as good like they used to.

At this point, it's time to freshen up your shoes with a new look!

At the end of the laces, there's this little plastic tip.

It's called the aglet, and there's a bit of history why it is a part of your shoelaces.

It's intended purpose is exactly what it looks like. It keeps your shoelaces together and prevents them from fraying.

Coming from the French word aiguille meaning needle, much like having trouble sticking the end of a frayed thread through the hole.

Aglets are made out of plastic, but you'll see metal ones too!

The metal ones tend to last longer and is more durable, but plastic aglets can be fixed easily when it starts to tear apart. A lighter is all you need to patch up worn out aglets.

It's even possible that aglets were used dating back to Ancient Rome as metal aglets were discovered in archaeological sites.

They made their way into modern industry, where even Phineas and Ferb made a song out of aglets.

Aglets also appear in different products, not just on laces.

Bolo ties are one example, as they have aglets at the ends of the ties to make them more fashionable.

Now you know the purpose of those tiny little plastics wrapped around your shoelaces!

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