15 Kitchen Hacks That Will Help Save You a Lot of Time and Money. Amazing!

Time and money spent in the kitchen is really valuable. Practicality is a must when it comes to buying groceries. You don't want to waste money on food that will eventually just rot out in the fridge. And you also want conserve as much time as possible while you work in the kitchen.

So, how is this all possible? Here we list 15 incredible kitchen hacks that will save both the time and the money and will help to keep your foods fresh for longer so you can use them later on. Take a look right down below and see it for yourself!

1. Identify which foods will rot quickly in the fridge.

Some foods rot quickly more than others. Examples are bell peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. To make these last longer, store these foods in room temperature.
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2. Place a paper towel inside your storage.

One of the things that make food easily rot is moisture. It's a good idea to use paper towel because it absorbs moisture and helps to prolong the shelf life of the food.
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3. Only wash fresh foods when you're about to consume it.

Vegetables and other foods will decompose faster when you wash it and store it in the fridge. It's natural oils are stripped off, so make sure to only wash them when you're about to consume or cook it.
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4. Keep your peeled vegetables stored inside a jar.

Storing peeled carrots and other vegetables in a jar full of water will prolong their shelf life and stays fresher for longer.

5. Wrap the stem of the bananas

To prolong the longevity of bananas, wrap some clear plastic around its stem. This will help to prevent the banana from being ripe quickly as no gases can emerge.
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6. Store your fruits and vegetables inside the fridge's drawer.

You should take advantage of the bottom portion of the refrigerator. Place your fruits and vegetables under the fridge so that it will last for a long time.
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7. Make sure to separate fruits with ethylene from other foods.

Foods that produce ethylene are bananas, apricots, mangoes etc. so make sure to avoid placing them with other fruits such as carrots and broccoli so they won't get contaminated and will prolong its longevity.
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8. Don't store potatoes with onions.

Potatoes will grow sprouts quicker when placed together with onions so make sure to store them separately.
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9. Onions and garlic love to be stored in dark places.

Keep these in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and their shelf life will be extended.
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10. Placing potatoes together with apples prolongs its shelf life.

Apples and potatoes go hand in hand. Store these together and the life span of the potato will be prolonged.
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11. Asparagus loves water.

Keep your asparagus fresh and prolong its shelf life by keeping it moist by placing it in a vase full of water.
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12. Fruits should be stored where air is open.

Keep your fruits stored in an open container that will allow air to flow through it. This will keep them fresher for longer.
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13. Keep your celery fresh by storing them in tin foil.

These will last longer if you store it with a tin foil instead of being wrapped in plastic.
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14. Store your tomatoes with the stalk facing up.

This will prevent the tomatoes from rotting up quicker than normal. It's shelf life will be prolonged longer when you store it with the stalk facing upwards.
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15. Store the half of the avocado with the pit to last longer.

If you plan on eating only half of the avocado, store it with the pit still intact. This will make the avocado stay fresher for longer while stored so you can eat it for later.
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Make sure to give these amazing kitchen hacks a try and watch how you'll save time and money! Don't forget to share the post and let us know what you think by leaving your comments right down below!

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