U.S. Military Invests in New Technology to Monitor the Health of Soldiers in Real-Time. Take a Look!

It takes a lot of courage and bravery for an individual to serve in the military. These men and women are the epitome  of loyalty and respect for their nation, and would willingly lay down their own lives for the safety and protection of their fellow countrymen.

Because of that, the government ensures that their soldiers are well-equipped and ready for battle. Of course, their health is of utmost importance as well so they can maintain their effectiveness in the battlefield. And now, the US Army Research Office has taken it a step further and funded the development of implantable biosensors which will allow medical staffs to monitor their soldier's health in real-time.

Profusa, a bio-tech company was granted a $7.5 million budget by the US Army Research Office to develop these implantable biosensors to military soldiers.

Chairman and CEO of Profusa Ben Hwang, PhD, says that "Profusa's vision is to replace a point-in-time chemistry panel that measures multiple biomarkers, such as oxygen, glucose, lactate, urea, and ions with a biosensor that provides a continuous stream of wireless data."

Source; Profusa, INC.

The sensors are relatively small, measuring about only 2mm to 5mm long with a diameter of 200 to 500 microns. These are made of a "smart hydrogel" which is bio-engineered, similar to what contact lenses are made of. It forms a tissue-integrating scaffold that can be integrated in the body's tissues without any adverse effects or reaction. It can be placed using an injection, so there's no need for any operation or using any other instruments.

Source: Profusa, INC.

The hydrogel glows when it is exposed to light, glowing accordingly to the amount of certain chemicals concentrated inside the body like glucose, oxygen and other biomarkers. This allows the medical staff to assess the ailments of a soldier. From there, they can take action and administer first aid. Watch the video right down below and see it for yourself!

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