The Lucky Zodiac Signs, Colors and Businesses for 2017! Will You Experience Good Luck this Year?

But because a few signs won't be lucky, doesn't mean you will be too. Keep scrolling to know what will attract goodluck for the year.

The Lucky Zodiac Signs: Ox, Rat and Dragon 

These zodiac signs will be full of luck this year. It is great to take advantage of them and take calculated risks since they will surely land on the X mark. Are you an Ox, Rat or a Dragon?
The Lucky Colors: Red, Blue and Yellow

These colors in particular attract a lot of positive energy. Since they do so well it is quite very likely for them to bring forth luck. Wear them often!
The Lucky Businesses: Food Industry and Media Companies

For those planning and already are in business, be ready to place your bets. Don't be afraid to risk this year. You might hit the jackpot.
CREDITS: Danified
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