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Massage therapy is one of the most in-demand courses here and going abroad. Tesda program offers online study for almost 68 courses for free of cost. One of them is massage therapy. This course is for free. You can study wherever you are because this is in online study. There's no age limit as long as you can follow. You can enroll also as many as you can provided that you have sufficient to do all the things. The things required for taking online courses are internet connection and laptop/pc/tab/mobile phone. Online study will provide all the necessary modules to study. After finishing the full course requirement and conducting assessment, TESDA NCII CERTIFICATE will be issued. This may use to apply easily here and abroad.

There are different types of massage therapy. Some of them are: Swedish, Thai and Shiatsu massage. These styles may present all what you want in massage. All theories and modules are provided to study the whole coverage until you can able to perform each one. You will come to know also the different techniques of massage therapy.

Following techniques are as follows:

This technique includes long strokes, kneading, friction, tapping, percussion, vibration, effleurage        and shaking. motions. Our body will be relaxed for the gentle stroke and it may aim for the good            circulation of the blood throughout the body. And also, it may benefited our full body like muscle          spasm, tendon, joint pain, migraine and headache. This type may need full force to do the                        massage.
     There are 5 basic massage strokes for this technique.
     1. Effleurage
     2. Tapotement
     3. Friction
     4. Vibration
     5. Petrissage
     This technique is originated from Sweden and  Europe.

This technique is just like yoga stretching. The therapist may apply compression, joint mobility and acupressure. This may help our full body feels relax because of the body/joint movement, stretching      and compression. Thai massage may benefited our body such as improve blood circulation, range of      motion and reduced levels of stress. More activities to be done on this massage technique. This is        not appropriate and applicable for everybody especially those who are pregnant, cardiovascular            disease, high blood pressure and others. Thai massage is originated from Thailand and long practice of India.

This technique may use the fingers, thumbs and palms to heal the full body. This can make full body      feel relax, stress reliever and treat body illnesses. This massage is originated from ancient Chinese healing art. This is the traditional form of massage from Japan. Shiatsu derived from Japanese word means "finger pressure". So, this massage all about the activities of the hands (includes palms, thumbs and fingers).

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