Here Are 8 Things That Your Eyes Tell About Your Health. Take a Look!

They say that our eyes are the windows to our souls. But did you know that our eyes can tell a whole lot about our health as well? Good eyesight is important for us to perform daily activities like reading, watching the movies, surfing the web, etc.

But not everyone is born with equally great vision. Some suffer from poor eyesight and other eye conditions. Taking a look at our eyes can indicate a lot about our health, so make sure to pay close attention and look for these signs to know what message it brings:

Disappearing eyebrows

This is commonly caused by a thyroid disease where the outer part of your eyebrows start to diminish and disappear.

A cyst in the eyelids

Sebaceous gland carcinoma is a type of eyelid cancer and forms a small tumor around the eyelid.

Blurry eyes and burning vision when using a computer

This is caused by CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) that puts strain in the eyes due to lack of contrast on the screen.

Small blind hazy spots in your vision with shimmering lights and lines

If you experience this, it may be due to a migraine aura that disturbs your vision. This is usually accompanied with a headache, but not all the time.

Yellowish-tints in the white of the eyes

This is called jaundice, which indicates liver malfunction or health problems in the gall bladder, bile ducts, etc.

Bulging eyes

Hyperthyrodism, characterized by the overworking of the thyroid gland results in protruding and enlarged eyes.

Loss of vision, double vision and sudden loss of vision

These are usually warning signs of stroke, so it's best to consult your doctor immediately if this occurs.

Blurred vision in diabetic individuals

This is called diabetic retinopathy in which individuals who are diabetic are at risk of losing vision, potentially leading to blindness.

You can protect your eyes and your vision by taking these necessary steps. Your lifestyle greatly affect your eyes, so keep these in mind.

-  stop smoking
- take care of your cardiovascular system
- maintain normal blood sugar levels
- eat lots of fresh vegetables
- eat foods rich in omega-3 fat
- avoid trans-fatty foods
- avoid aspartame

Take a look at the video right down below to know more about what your eyes are trying to tell you about your health!

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