MUST WATCH: Kim Domingo's Severe Pain Cured In An Unusual Way By A Doctor. This Will Surely Make Your Jaw Drop!

However, during the December 23 episode of the show Kim and the crew did a skit about her experiencing a severe pain all over her body.

During the skit, the attending physician is trying to determine the cause of her pain and asked her to remove her jacket. At first, Kim was being resistant, however the doctor assured her that by doing this he would be able to identify the cause of her body pain.

During the check up the doctor spotted played by Paolo Contis noticed Kim's large and heavy front and diagnosed that the pain was caused by the weight of her big chest.

Now here comes the funny part, the doctor was able to cure Kim's ailments by doing something you don't like your children to see at a young age. Watch the full skit below. CREDITS: TNP
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