Baste and Inday Sara Duterte Seen Sharing a Simple Meal Together at theCebu Airport!

It is for a known fact that president Rodrigo Duterte lives a simple lifestyle that gained the admiration of many people. His simple house is an indication that he is indeed a humble and grounded man despite being in the political arena for a long time.

And it appears that his children are following his footsteps as well in living a simple life. Inday Sara and Baste Duterte were spotted on an airport sharing a simple meal in the airport on Cebu while waiting for their flight.

People were surprised that the two are simply sharing a meal together. The photo quickly went viral on social media as they prepare themselves to be called the first family.
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Inday Sara thanked the people who sent messages to their father Rodrigo Duterte.

While Baste Duterte took a flight back to Davao after attending the Thanksgiving Party in Cebu which was organized by Duterte's supporters.

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  1. bakit hindi pagpistahan ng media ito...this is novel and the readers are wanting to see this kind of story

  2. This runs down to good and basic parenting. Kudos to the parents for modeling the virtue to their kids. And thanks to the children for taking the good advice.


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