Baste Duterte Shares a Heartwarming Message To His Father! Watch This!

Father's Day is nearing and messages are already being poured out to the loving fathers out there who've done a great job being a parent. And one message that stood out from the rest is Baste Duterte's heartwarming message to his father.

President Rodrigo Duterte attended a private thanksgiving party at the Cebu Country Club on Wednesday night to celebrate his victory in the elections.

During that time, Baste took the opportunity to send a message to his father while speaking in Bisaya and English accents.

He said that he always looked up to his father as he idolized him while growing up. He told everyone when his father asked him who his idol was and he answered "Michael Jordan." Immediately, he told this "Pa, I want to tell you now, my answer was wrong. Ikaw gyud akong number one idol."Let us know what you think of Baste's message to his father by writing your comments down below!

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  1. baste is a good son to our president duterte..and he is also a good example to your teenagers now,,,and i admire him being a simple person


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