Shaina Magdayao and Maine Mendoza Had an Exchange of Comments on Social Media! Take a Look!

Since Maine Mendoza broke out of the spotlight in the showbiz industry, she's been heavily compared to other notable and most recently, she's been compared to Pops Fernandez.

One of the lucky winners of Eat Bulaga's Sugod Bahay Gang commented that Maine Mendoza looks quite a lot like Shaina Magdayao, Vina Morales' sister!

Shaina posted a video on Instagram, elaborating that she is a fan of Maine's sense of humor, smarts, and her beauty!

Maine Mendoza has since expressed her desire to meet the actress soon in regards to her comments.

Shaina then replied to Maine with the words "Kaloka ka".

Both of their fans are excited to see the two meet for the first time! Check out the video right down below and see it for yourself!
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  1. No comparison. The actress lady Shaina is very beautiful lady to compare to someone that don't have the celebrity looks at all. Why would people compare Shaina beauty to someone like the other girl. She needs to stay behind the camera because she ain't beautiful like Shaina.

  2. I agree, she does look like maid and without make up she is definitely don't have beauty at all. Her looks is just ordinary and not for celebrity type of beauty. GOSH! What happened to people now a days. THey love to compare someone beautiful to another who are not. I don't know the ordinary girl, but definitely don't look like Shaina at all. She must be dreaming too hard.

  3. she need more to look flawless like the other celebrity then, maybe , she can be look like her a bit. Right now, she need to stay behind the camera. Truth hurts but, its the truth. I'm not hater. Comparing the other celebrity to ordinary is like a big insult to Shaina. Shaina is very beautiful actress and yes, she is way way good looking than the other girl. The other girl, she needs to shower plenty times to look like Shaina.

  4. bakit ang lupit mo namang humusga ng kapwa mo maganda ka rin ba iha....remember may kasabihan na beauty daw is in the eyes of the beholder tama ba english ko hahah..

  5. you say you are not haters but the way i look at you ampalaya ka haha....may iisura ka ba baka naman pag nagtabi kau ni maine mendoz eh eh kamukha lang yong pwet nya..haters.....naawa ako sau de na sana kita patulan eh pero ang lupit mong mag comments ba...ano ba ginawa sau ng tao...kong wala then shut up ok...


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