Do you love cooking? Do you know how to cook maja blanca?

Maja blanca is a famous Filipino dessert. There are so many ways on how to prepare or make this delicacy. Everybody loves it because of the creamy taste. This is very special and familiar to each place. This recipe is usually cook from home. There are so many varieties or styles on how to cook for maja blanca.

Best food ever for every Filipinos. Surely, you will be like it because of its softy taste and creamy. It is quick and easy to prepare or prepare. And this serves usually on all occasions. 

We can call also maja blanca as coconut pudding. This originated from the Spanish name as "manjor blanco". This same with the the French delicacy as blancmage. This has a great taste. It looks like white gelatine. 

I can suggest this recipe because its affordable and easy to prepare.

Here are the ingredients and procedure on how to prepare and cook "maja blanca".


- 1 cup cornstarch

- 4 cups coconut milk

- 1 can condensed milk

- 1 can evaporated milk

- sugar (for tasting)

- 1 can kernel corn

- 1 pack cheese or latik


1. First of all, keep ready all the ingredients as mentioned-above and the cooking pan.

2. Combine the cornstarch with evaporated milk and mix well together.

3. Put the cooking pot on medium heat and pour the coconut milk. Cook at least in 3 minutes or reach 

    the boiling point.

4. Put the kernel corn and stir.

5.  After that, put all together the cornstarch with evaporated milk and condensed milk. Add some              amount of sugar for tasting.

6. After mixing all together the ingredients, stir all the time until will reach the desired consistency or       thickness it may do.

7. After cooking, pour in container and let it cool. Then, shredded/grated cheese on the top for                   toppings.  This is for adding decoration and taste.

8. Instead of shredded or grated cheese, you can use also latik. All you have to do is to cook the coconut     milk. Mix all the time until latik will come out. This can be used as toppings.

9. Put in the refrigerator to keep it cool and more firming.

10. Taste the creamy maja blanca recipe.

11. Serves with 4 to 6 persons.

When you use to do it, you can make as your business ever.

Good luck and enjoy.

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